1. The club is “The Sandymount Dodder Wheelers Cycling Club”.

2. Group cycles are organised through the Group WhatsApp groups.

3. The aim of the club is to encourage and foster the sport of cycling and provide opportunities for all

levels of cyclists.

4. The objectives are:

a. To provide an enjoyable friendly club to allow people to cycle together.

b. To enter events at all levels of the sport to provide for all standards to compete.

c. To run club trips that allow for all levels of participation.

d. To run social events.

e. To advertise the club and its activities so that people in the locality are aware of these.

5. Membership is subject to approval of the committee.

6. Under 18s are welcome in the company of a member who will be responsible for them while on

the cycle.

7. Club membership may be restricted if numbers are deemed to be getting too large.

8. If the membership limit is reached, a waiting list shall be drawn up and offers of membership

made in order as vacancies arise.

9. The club’s affairs will be governed by a committee of 4 to 6 officers
consisting of a President, Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Club Safeguarding
Officer. The Club Safeguarding Officer may be an individual holding one of the
other committee positions.

Term and sub-committees 

a) The committee election shall be held every two years

b) Each elected member shall serve a term of two years to a maximum of six

b) For club activity continuity purposes, a minimum of two members shall be
retained at each election

c) Sub-committees or working groups, reporting to the committee, may be
established to oversee the delivery of key club strands. These will comprise a
minimum of one committee member (chair) and up to four additional club
members appointed by the committee

10. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each year in the month of October.

11. The agenda shall consist of the following items:

• Apologies

• Minutes of last AGM

• Matters Arising

• Report on past season by Chairperson

• Report on Accounts

• Proposed programme for next season

• Subscription fee for next season

. Election of officers (if applicable)

• Any other business

12. All members shall be advised of the date, time and location of this meeting at least two weeks in

advance. For a motion to be passed, it should be agreed by a majority of those in attendance.

13. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) may be called by the Committee and must be called

within 14 days if a written request signed by one quarter of the club membership is received.

14. The treasurer shall keep correct and up to date accounts showing transactions and financial

affairs of the club. A statement of accounts for the financial year shall be presented at the AGM.

15. The Secretary shall be responsible for all club matters of a general administrative nature including

notification of meetings and will be responsible for the keeping of continuous records that are to be

passed on in the event of a change in the post.

16. Alterations to the committee can be made at the AGM and any EGMs provided the proposals are

notified in advance and agreed by a simple majority of those present.

17. Alterations to the constitution can be made at an AGM and any EGMs provided the proposals are

notified in advance and agreed by a two thirds majority of those present.

18. The annual subscription shall be discussed and fixed at each AGM.

19. The committee shall have the power to make rules governing the conduct of the club. Such rules

shall be binding on membership. All members must be made aware of any changes. Any matter in

relation to discipline or the breaking of club rules will be dealt with by the club committee and any

action as a result, must be decided by a majority of the committee.

20. Anyone representing the club in competition must be a member of the club or else invited as a

guest if the club cannot field a squad for a particular event.

21. The club and all its members will follow the rules of Cycling Ireland.

22. The club is agreed to all the principles set out in the Cycling Ireland “Code of Conduct”