a GDPR policy goes here,

in short we dont collect your personal infmrtaion more than is necessary to comply with cycling ireland and other insurance requirements

you must be a member

we don’t use your data except to contact you for club related activities and club related business, thre is no commercial , or personal information of any nature associated with your user profile sign up on WhatsApp for notifications, news and banter.

If you login via a social media connector – thats up to you , we have no idea how your social media service provider will handle your data, take it up with them.

we are not even tracking your cookies… or using cookie tracking.

we don’t hold require or store any data that can be made any any commercial use of and so we don’t make commercial use of your data .

by signing up to being a user on this website you are only signing up to register for spins and make comments on posts , that it !

Thats all , Simple really

Cycle safely and most of all enjoy