More than 40 Wheelers braved the bitter January cold to participate in the club’s first ‘live’ saftey course at Corkagh Park, run by Aidan Hammond.

With safety at the heart of the club’s mission to provide a fun and inclusive cycling environment, it was great to see new and seasoned members alike enjoying the three-hour course.

Invaluable training and tips were expertly delivered by Aidan and Michelle Hammond, including:

  • safe cycling in a peleton formation, practicing ‘up and over’
  • cornering with confidence
  • cadence for efficent cycling
  • hand signals and communication
  • looking over your shoulder while riding
  • bike handling and hand positions
  • bike basics

The session will prepare riders for the season ahead to cycle with confidence and awareness. Club members are also reminded to read the guide to organised spins, including the spin leader checklist.

Any member interested in safety training or advice should contact club safety officer Peter McCabe.

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