In November 2021, more than 75 members participated in the club’s first annual survey. The huge response rate and depth of feedback not only reflects the very evident passion for the club, its members and role, but has also enabled the committee to listen to and act on feedback with the aim of making the club the best it can be for its members. The survey results have been circulated to members and are available on request.

Key highlights 

  • 85% of members believe that the club provides and environment for them to improve and grow as a cyclist
  • 83% of all respondents believe that the organized club spins are the right level for them 
  • 93% believe the committee to be effective 
  • 88% would recommend the club to someone else 
  • 92% of members believe the club kits is either very good or good quality and fit 

The feedback suggested some common areas for consideration 

  • 68% of respondents cited lifestyle and family factors as the major barrier to regular participation in group activities, with recommendations including a later organized spin time option on Sundays 
  • Less than 5% of respondents cited safety concerns as a barrier to joining group activities, but the clear feedback was that the club should prioritise safety through courses, spin leader briefings and role and a return-to-cycling framework 
  • Half of those who said they regularly participate in blue level spins would welcome splitting the group into two speed levels 
  • The club should consider diversification of cycling discipline, including Gravel and MTB options  
  • The club should consider adding a rain jacket and winter jacket to the club kit offering  

2022 Action Plan

The club has considered the feedback and will publish a 2022 action plan, which will include the following:  

  1. Safety: Reaffirmation to ensuring safety is the top priority, that an appropriate supportive return-to-cycling framework operates for those who are involved in accidents and safety/bike maintenance courses are accessible to members (exiting and new) 
  2. Culture: Reaffirmation of group cycling etiquette and rules and role of the group spin leaders to all members 
  3. Spins: Clearer understanding of routes in advance, possible broadening of spin timing, review of Blue Group pace, provision of a bank of GPX file routes for leaders to choose from to broaden spin options by distance and difficulty, if required 
  4. Kit: a review of kit offering to consider further winter options to display the club colours with pride no matter the conditions!
  5. Disciplines: Examine potential Gravel and MTB activities 

We would like to thank all members for their participation and support and please feel free to provide feedback to any committee member at any time. We exist to make your cycling as experience as accessible, fun and safe as possible. 

The Sandymount Dodder Committee.  

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